Prose on postmodern bastardy

A baby-daddy theory regarding Illuminati
conspiracy theorists and the like:

Freud saw in religion the displacement
of family-style organisation (God is dad;
the nuclear trinity of man-woman-child)
onto the realms of metaphysics as molded by:
self-regard and acknowledgement,
and the contemplation of death, or the end
of self-regard.

In the light of modern theories of power
(power equals social relations, social relations
equal power) and sociology, the notion of “Illuminati”
(removed from its documented historical context)
or other global-centrist power structures are still
held by the populist outlook to be necessary
for the decay of civilization and the end of liberty.


I think Freud’s family-attribution theory and Foucault’s
power analysis (in reality, power is a pointilist painting
expressing micro-economic trade, but in the populist theory,
it is a very small page of connect the dots expressing
macro-economics and material-cultural influence) might
explain the populist view. How those who indulge
in debunked conspiracy theories are disposed to see,
to the exclusion of reason, in a father-like force
of sinister control alone the mechanism of civil decay
rather than seeing in every participant of civilization
agency and the desire to express it. We might call
the idea of a mad conspiricist “the sole father,”
and the idea of the sociologist “the innumerable siblings.”


~ by Jeremy on May 21, 2013.

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