Prose on whitewashed tombs

It is a paradox that the right sanctimoniously maintains the integrity of the American Dream, and simultaneously threatens it by limiting opportunities to all but the already well-connected. Thus is ideology upheld on its secret altar. The pursuit of status and wealth (which influences the other more, we’ll never know) depends on having status and wealth. This ghastly circular logic damages, most of all, the lower class, whose children are taught from birth to believe in the value of Kantian literacy, but denied at adulthood the ability to enact that belief. Even the institutions catering to the meritorious poor, the state universities, admit to sophistry when they follow economic models rather than models of student success. The humanizing effects of the liberal arts ring hollow when its students express a graver psychological health than the uneducated proletariat. The parasites of the Enlightenment, little different than the metaphysicians of the Middle Ages in praxis, swallow and profit from the idealism of youth and, once a youth proves an adult, leave his husk at once afloat and sunk in ennui that no learning can cure.


~ by Jeremy on May 21, 2013.

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