The ecstasy of Jamestown

Heavy in the pentecost
and quiet as a church mouse
four-legged in Jamestown
where ragged restless houses
hide and starve the lost.
Neither safe if kneeling
to cross or withered cunt
deprived of any feeling
these last twenty months.
What cannibals introduce
to (rotten food for thought)
a ragged band of eremites
or introspective sodomites
broken on the wheels they brought:
being four-legged in Jamestown
shames beasts the burden got.
When and if the civil stomach
wrings and women run about
naked, drunk, and loud,
so, too, dizzy faggots run amok
fucking in the tabernacles
of harsh and humbled Jamestown.

~ by Jeremy on May 24, 2013.

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