The pedagogue turned plaintiff

To refute the jury and burden the judge,
if I may, I will reiterate my grievance,
my grudge: the books I read have taught me
an instance of iconoclasty, this one many,
but not enough. It is more than unjust,
the image that sold Iscariot to Hades
(I glean this from page nine, gentlemen)
for a few kisses in the desert dusk.
What lesson do the children learn of sin
if they wear it in their bodies, even in
the ancient books that smell of musk,
the headliner murder, nearer felons
than me paid prancing all about them?
What literature have the lucky inherited,
those boys whose fathers have degenerated
into factories of folly, farce, hatred?


~ by Jeremy on May 24, 2013.

One Response to “The pedagogue turned plaintiff”

  1. Some obvious stylistic edits:

    “into factories of unmitigated farce and hatred?”
    “into factories of unmitigated folly and hatred?”
    “into factories of folly, farce, and hatred?”

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