Dissection of a narrative

The powerful scandalize while skirting scandal.
An end to theory: what the limbs chew on,
ten teeth to the grip, is attached also to me:
picture a scripture of tracing a sodomy
back, through generations, to antiquity.
Bending over in the desert while Israel raids
its hearts, salts the earth, foils compassion.
Now history greets its sweetest enemy:
the romance of a pauper fattened in democracy.
We dress in the Old Testament, as angry
as lazars musing on the cure to leprosy
no one knows but those whose afflictions
ban them from civilization gone in the teeth,
how poor Ezra told. The cure is Diderot,
his whole nation, war spoils, economies
bent and broken, boys left to their devices,
the spittle on a bayonet, beaches of blood,
the whole sickened foliage, dust in the bomb,
a new car—a credit card—a hundred years
of folly and farce, damnation and heat—
the scandal two arrogant boys rejoice in
as it drags them back to a myth they weaved.


~ by Jeremy on May 26, 2013.

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