Prose on Marxism and the French archaeology

Or: The powerful hence

Hegemonic rationality produced by the bourgeoisie places an overly important emphasis on results, claiming that results guarantee the truth-values of all heretofore examined inquiries. The result proves the truth: thus the rational society, not only designed rationally on a sociological level, but because its citizens are distilled to think and value in rational terms to the exclusion of all others, is also thereby limited. If the owners and movers of power and knowledge claim supremacy over power and knowledge, Marxism holds that they are suspect, and philosophically mercenary. The powerful cannot think past the borders of their power. The powerful scandalize while skirting scandal.*

– – – – – – –

*Please note: I consider the prose sections creative writing, however poorly creative or poorly written they might be.


~ by Jeremy on May 26, 2013.

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