Prose on my serenade of feeble hokum

The distinction made between East and West is an alliance of impropriety and notoriety, crime and its rhythms, poverty and memory, the circus of sociality and the taming of economics. For how does the elephant traverse the Caucasus, indeed? The schism of geography routes the mind and establishes chiaroscuro where first there was none. Whence the issue? It is the conflict between psychology and psychosophy that erects this mandarin barrier, sketched in old-world conflicts and new-world travels. Subversion of the color canvas begins with eyes from which pre-determination has been plucked, not with a lens of history. European man does not hail from Europe, but from an invention of peoples too long confined in mountaintops and caravans, machines of war and engines of commerce that so often shortened borders rather than increase them. In short, the language of the buyer denotes the seller, and that of the seller defrauds the buyer. What issued from a natural public did refrock the caul of a contested birth of civilization defined only by its opponents, neither Eastern, nor Western, but rural and naked as most objects are. The sundial examined proceeds the cartography of the night-sky; the original political ideology instructed the world over from constellation and swivel. Monsters bred in the paintings of men—not in their archaic definitions of who was man and who was not. The theses of prehistory were tooth caries and common death. The rendering of Spenglerian culture never took place except, perhaps, in the cloistered libraries of the socially-sick and sexually-impotent; the notion had a real basis in neither hinternland nor moated city.*

– – – – – – – –

*Creative writing insincerely proffered.


~ by Jeremy on May 26, 2013.

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