Prose on parallels within history

People used to be afraid of being possessed by certain demons. Lust, greed, sloth, antinomy. Now we’re afraid to find out if we’re narcissists or nymphomaniacs, obsessives or depressives, hoarders or loners, alcoholics or alter egos.

The more things change the more they stay the same. How different is the act of confessing in a medieval church from confessing in a psychologist’s office? The exorcism of a peasant made just as much sense to him as a talk-therapy session or whatever does to you.

Bandwagon humanism is no better than bandwagon conservative monotheism if indeed you can’t see the flaws within your own worldview and take it for granted that all worldviews suffer from distortions and selective perceptions and ignorances. There is no ultimate foundation of knowledge or experience. Sartre knew this and grieved for mankind because of it. The objective existence of God is, most probably, a false idea. That doesn’t excuse philosophical materialists upholding some other theology in his stead. Psychology is metaphysics, too.


~ by Jeremy on June 6, 2013.

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