The billion baby faces of 1961

When the universe grew
so shrank the mind of man:
he of all the beasts alive
was the laziest animal yet:
he bartered noise for recompense
of ever-expanding noise:
he gained his own society
but sold his cause for joy:
his bibles turned to theory
and his gainship turned to naught:
he thought he saw a system
where there was only flaw:
brutalized but spun in cloth
he slouched as well-betaught:
he divorced the ring of species
and named these his dominion:
he named himself in quotes
and owned the air he sought:
or thought he did, for, then,
he traded symbols and forgot:
he invented economic guard
and pinched his motives closed:
he valved his heated heart
and groveled in the show:
and a poor man he is who
holds it good that it is so.


~ by Jeremy on June 6, 2013.

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