The ducklings known biblically

Or: When knowledge dons the glass

Leathery him, his appeal to women
(let me tell you of this man:
a blind hermit sketched his face:
the old argument of mother’s love
and cruel genetics) defies
the censors and your senses.
Two claws, four claws—
the old argument of place
where male geography collapses
in the aesthetic of madhouses
rent democratically—
I tell you, he is ugly.

Leathery her, her appeal to men
(let me tell you of this woman:
she fumbles about and forgets
the numbers in her purse,
her lottery she thinks accursed)
strikes in them wanderlust
away from her—or so it should—
even nature is a commune
whose members enter unannounced
where the trees define the wood:
I tell you, she is ugly.


~ by Jeremy on June 9, 2013.

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