Prose on the reason of a paranoiac

The paranoiac belongs either in the madhouse or in the university. He is the most critical of all men and he is the least perceptive. He is a theorist of infinite magnitude and shrinking possibility.

When the paranoaic becomes violent, he is never symptomal of a larger problem hardly conceivable by all but a deity. He is insane—crazy—whack—nuts: any other euphemism except for reasonable, because we think reasonable means familiar, when we should think reasonable is going from one point (the problem) to another point (an outline) to the solution (removal of the problem). We simplify the mad bombers and complexify the greed of professional leadership. Such is the paradox of blame and explanation: we think the symptom is the disease, and the disease is the medicine.

The familiar is all too unreasonable upon examination, and the insane is the most reasonable of all, given what defines it via negativa.

~ by Jeremy on June 10, 2013.

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