The budding diatribist

Ennui knew well the first of mankind!
Lazy kids drilled holes in the earth
and then ate each other, some say.

Elderly civilization! All the bodies
born before Greece we think nothing of.
Logic made relative: filthy families

aspire in the muck to match
with elephants their tusks,
and frightened old men Spanish fly!

No singular man has had it easy
nor defied our lot the Hebrews
in their devil-making writ,

and no man is more right than me
in my universe built of glands.
Ennui engendered all creativity

and bore a tyrant in every skull,
harvester, hunter, or hip
young man adrift in the cities.

All is mania and cruel philosophy.
Where I stand in boredom
elegant cities blow and slant!

~ by Jeremy on June 12, 2013.

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