The creed of the false philosopher

To dissolve the type—to deconstruct
ever feebler tendrils of arbitrary sense—
to implicate history in the follies
of the future—to dine well on the dead
in your library, and to build one
expansively between the ears—
to inscribe yourself in aspect
on the world before you too die—
to reject the ironist before
he murders himself, to be serious—
to debase and humiliate—to be—
to gasp and gaze at ideology—
to gainsay and restrict the species
before it perishes of itself—
to encrutch the lively children
of a still-warm satellite—
to better educate the miserable
on the details of their misery—
to inspire humanity of its doom—
to guard a brittle market gods
undress to nude and do battle in—
to instruct the limping nations
in personal opinions, public theories—
to install oneself as the arbiter
of narcissism divided into policy—
to embody—to deform the perpetual—
such is a false philosopher’s legacy.


~ by Jeremy on June 12, 2013.

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