On masturbation midsentence

Here follow instructions
for a past-time older than sodomy,
or that play in two acts men call marriage:

lie down on the shale (for you momentarily
are a primate in antiquity) and fit your ankles
behind your ears, grasp the better face you wish

were attached to your skull, sense with precision
all the nerve bundles 16th century men called their souls,
grow erect, affix your gaze on some filthy image in your head,

shave that pictogram a few years younger yet, embroider it a supple body
like a whitewashed eighteen year old all the Greek patricians might have met,
spit on your hand like a natural man and shoot in one minute how a Christian might.

For that is the manner of a young man
who dreams of young men a few
years younger yet, or little
teenaged Northerners
so enormously ditzy
they can’t help
but yelp—


— — — — — — — —

*The inspiration for this piece was in no manner illegal. I was 20 at the time and he was 18. And this disclaimer is purely for legal purposes because I am a paranoid, paranoid Southerner.


~ by Jeremy on June 14, 2013.

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