Since the lady has brain lesions

I hear it is no longer a sign
of sophistication to read Nietzsche.
All the stories we will tell
have been told already by lonely
awkward nihilists, and nervous
anonymities who confront
with honesty this shambling
barbarism we date by years.
The fall of Rome begat this
strange neurosis of society—
that is, laborious society itself.
How adolescent! How pubescent
the affinity with sophistication
civilization has! It is such
a well-spun farce that social men
despise each other and greet
their invalid wives with grins.
The ironist and his conceit
invites from smaller minds
than his a peculiar catastrophe:
to paint what is in what is not
and reap the death of Socrates!


~ by Jeremy on June 14, 2013.

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