A smart boy makes a lazy man

Man is prompted by his condition,
says a Hebrew tome, to toil
over his fields and respect his betters:
we will die in them, fruitful tundras—
as will our betters, as will
all the bodies the Earth upholds—
which man among the throng
is not in some manner a pervert
from a social idea he doesn’t understand?
The nation that claimed me,
at birth, is proud of how much
it is wooed and reaped: our good
salts of the earth declare,
ever solemnly, “I have toiled
for my bread, for all the things
I despise and which despise me—
I have worked, and worked,
and I am proud of it,”
and his superior answers
quiet as a gut-worm, “I know,
you have worked, and worked
for me and mine, deprived,
and you will thank me—
you will cheer, you will strut—
for killing you a proud man.”


~ by Jeremy on June 20, 2013.

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