How the South

In the woods God whitewashed—
Siberia in the South, where prostitutes
clamber down the pike and ladies
at parties say “how queer,”
where black men don peculiar
civilizing and white men don’t—
where God and meth co-exist
and all the alcoholics, proud them,
hoot over sundry wages as if
it were virtuous to slave—
where slim-bodied young men
fawn over their fathers,
where crooked blondes turn
up their noses and bleat—
say they, how sinister
the proletariat, how reverend
the wealthy and well to do—
God, God, God, God, God—
he is here and he is a Teuton,
say they—you had better fear—
my pinelands waver up North,
my hills teeter and topple
as their hicks reproduce,
and that, too, is mythical:
people, people, people, people—
everywhere nude under their clothes!


~ by Jeremy on June 20, 2013.

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