On a desert father

A hermit in the desert says:
“Come hither with your troubles—
I will multiply the fishes
and loaf lazy in the shade—
I believe!” An egomaniac
prays thrice daily by
the Mediterranean Sea—
the ladies shed their garb
and flaunt naked underbellies,
flock wholesale to the sage—
“I once believed Tertullian
was a man wise as Christ—
as myself—now I must
throw his thoughts to the dust—
I am your saint, sinners!
I am your messiah incarnated
in a ragged body, sated
by the women in my nunnery—
ascetics, hither!” Lo,
the cities empty of mothers,
sisters, daughters, wicked sons—
the grotto cave fills full
to watch the father drool—
he says, “Behold me entire!”
He derobes and squats—
and shames the flock:
his genitals have rotted off—


~ by Jeremy on June 20, 2013.

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