Diatribe in Scetes

Alone again: modernity
is an adolescent epoch—
next then comes senility
and new replenished stock:
to self-deny is to die
and don wardrobes anew:
the flesh expires before
the mind seeks best attire:
how to archive and restore
our histories afire:
timid flees the scribe
from the house Alexandrine:
Christ it seems deplored
the innocent foremost:
his most attentive audience
was opiated intense:
once whole ecstatic, thence
perverse and guiltless full:
the born-agains know
they are wretched in the lord:
they despise the world
and a homosexual thrill:
they enwrap their girls
in capital and glam:
they pray once daily
and feast on further shams:
murder, murder, murder
all of the exotic—
what baptistry is this
that rends to death despotic:
St. Anthony sets ablaze
the cities in my head—
too much religion,
and deference to the dead—
a wilderness made sane
by literature and dread—
too aware of time
and ignorant of substance:
man’s height grows an inch
in sixty fumbling centuries—


~ by Jeremy on June 21, 2013.

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