The letter wrought and withered

The academy is awash in perverts
and the bible lines coalmine toilets:
nowadays the reactionary is revolutionary
in his surmising of our abysmal taste:
the writers are wet with their own disgust
and the poets have to death been drunk:
how undermined the letters are
that rent too few centuries of prominence:
the senses plunge into the mire
general semantics wrought and withered:
too profuse the engineering
of dadaism writ larger than the head:
still a body in a skull in a letter
in a symbol in a sentence in a book:
to live in theory is to lie with men
who died and shook their coffins:
the abstract grows self-aware
and sits in a palm tree in Scetes
thinking, “What monstrosity am I?”


~ by Jeremy on June 26, 2013.

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