Prose on fashions of the mind

“You might search the writings of Aristotle and Augustine,” Aldous Huxley writes, “of Galen and the Arabians; in none of them could you find any hint of what we now call the subconscious mind.”

What then of history? The famines and massacres of history, as long and far ago from here and now in space and time, betray the senses as much as the belief in the supernatural ergo natural: one thinks, if a theory of atoms built the modern world and its universalizing tendencies of thought, then perhaps an undercurrent of atoms will restabalize it in its radical instability. Nothing is or ever was atomic.

Sub-sub-subconscious thinking is no more realistic, or naturalistic, than thinking of Leviathan unleashed in a hysterical woman or Beelzebub come tyrant in the body of an overworked clerk. One’s psychology is not something to be understood so much as it is something to be endured: history says so.

~ by Jeremy on July 5, 2013.

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