Weary Deuteronomy

One gets used to fifth columns here.
In every circle of little old ladies
bred and born in the South, one hears
“how queer” or peculiar demonologies
woven by the constitutionally fearful:
you see sweet matriarchs while I see
the sixteenth century wielding clysters—
coven-hunting exorcists practicing on any
gay young man stout enough to stand it—
you see devout communities while I see
a band of despots ready with the letter—
and branded a sinner I am ever ready
to see in everyone sin how Hobbes did—
and what self-respecting sodomite hid
so long in the priesthood or husbandry—
what effort in the sewing of social fabrics
which mix no better than wool and linen—

~ by Jeremy on July 5, 2013.

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