Prose on the theater of theory

Theory is enormously entertaining. People who would otherwise be alcoholics spend their lives analyzing and producing concepts—even producing the concept of “producing a concept”—and disseminate their ideas through literature they hope others will read and incorporate.

One wonders if these theories crack a person or if a person already teetering on the edge of sanity takes to the theories as elaborate schemata with which to support their worldview.

A dirge for humanism:

In what other context does “anti-humanist” make sense or even sound good? A lay person would think it a diabolical word. But anti-humanism might very well save peoples. How weird, how odd. Refute the notion of a self-determined self or subject and all of a sudden the need to better organize society or deconstruct the nation states into more functional parts seems more urgent. Refute the notion of a human nature and save the bodies from the machinations of those who would assert themselves naturalistic and therefore aristocratic in the worst, most hegemonic, most egotistical manner. Say there is no human, but there is homo sapiens, and dare the powers that be to redefine society according to what best promotes the welfare of each individual.

And, oh, the irony of family values. Nietzsche was the first to use the economic term “value” as a moral-relational term. The conservatives of the political bully pulpit don’t even know they’re quoting the self-declared Antichrist.

Humanism owes itself to men who believed in an abstracted truth they called God, which in theory protected schismatics from devaluing human life as equalized by Jesus—in opposition to Sophists and Pharisees stand Socrates and Jesus, gadflies both, one via negativa and one maniacally positive—but of course in practice it rendered ideological opponents already damned and thus dead in every way but physically. Thereafter came the latter.

I spent much of yesterday and the night arguing with an avowed racist and misogynist who caricatured welfare recipients as black women who announce to the world they “took a dick—need a handout.”

~ by Jeremy on July 9, 2013.

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