Prose on a rude deconstruction

Let’s examine the following from a free online therapy site. Pay attention to every one of those words and all of the following:

“diamond says

    Hi i am a 27 year old female and i feel like im stuck and no one is helping me i droped out of school at a young age and i wanna go back but my job doesnt fit the schedule its hard for me to support my kids and i cant even get a place to stay i feel like im trapped and my bills are getting higher and higher and i have no help and all i want out of life is to make my children happy and i cant and there getting older and older i just wish there was a diffrent turn to take. i work for mcdonalds and my check is only 50 dollars a week and im even behind on my car note. i had to get a decent car because i have to drive to hours away so my son can see the doctor cause he has siezures but i think everything is about to go down hill for me and i feel like giving up.”

Her name is Diamond. Figure her a Southerner, absentee father, born to a young mother. Now she’s 27. Dropped out of school because of the excessive and irresponsible sexual behavior she exhibited in school which begat her children she can’t take care of now. She forgets to mention she receives quite a bit of government support: otherwise, she wouldn’t have her children, the state would have her children. She says all she wants out of life is to make her children happy but that isn’t true. What she wants out of life is to be 15 again and continue in her troublesome habits just a bit more carefully. She thinks she had to get a decent car—read: “I had to blow my money because the salesman knew I was an easy mark because I brought my kids with me to the lot.” She didn’t. She could have got a clunker and if she were truly desperate she would have.

Her kid doesn’t have seizures for any random reason. He’s on psychiatric medication as per state mandate. The kid was behaving badly at school (absentee father, born to a young mother) so the state aligned itself with psychiatry to fix him, when it should have fixed her. He has seizures because the best modern society can do for people like his mother (though certainly none of us are all that distant from her condition, just more or less deluded) is dope him with amphetamines and Seroquel, subsidize her lack of employable skills, and convince the kid it’s his disorder and not his mother’s. Notice how she justifies the purchase of a “decent” car, read: more expensive than necessary, by essentially blaming it on her kid’s seizures—then, to top it off, immediately after proclaiming the unhealthy nature of her kid, she says “everything is about to go down hill for me…”

For her? No. But the state will find a place for her kid. That’s her problem, she thinks things are bad for her. She’ll be fine—her kid won’t be. Diamond should blame her own single parent and change her name. If she arms her kid with a switchblade before the state absconds with him and places him in a juvenile center or a Baptist foster mill, he might have a chance if he can get off the pills causing his seizures.

The horror of being helpless is that being helpless will ruin you and at least one other person. Vote Democrat or get off the pot.

~ by Jeremy on July 24, 2013.

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