/Birthing things/ (Kerry Campbell)

This is four of her poems, I like them but really, not enough to put them into different entries.


your 1st birthday:
I cried
the pain of it-
metal on metal
in my womb
your 2nd birthday:
I drank heavily
your father
blind stupor
your 3rd birthday:
I celebrated
with family
sneaking cigarettes
on the back porch
your 4th birthday:
I threw away the pack
and your father too



it is 10 pm
I sneak out of the house

to the corner store

left you sleeping on the verge
of your third birthday

fast, fast running
to the corner store

what if there is fire?
you fall out of bed into darkness

and no one is there?

fast, fast running
to the corner store

i slow, suck
the misty air into my lungs

drag the tethered rope
to the corner store

cigarette in hand
i slow, suck heavy smoke

close my eyes and see:
a night raven in a cage fit
for a day bird 


Suicide note

all the people in the world.
she said
and left off
30 aspirin
no more


witch's coven at the lawyer's office

the sacrifice:
a blond two year old
she gutted her way out
my belly with an ax
left a scar 3 inches long
her daddy said:
I don't want you
then turned over like
rotten fruit
his underbelly was fur
festering burnt green
he bit down with ripe teeth
clamped her leg
and started to move
like a pitbull
inching toward the jugular
the lawyer said:
he won't get her
sitting in a circle
my mother
and me

~ by Jeremy on March 10, 2008.

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