A new gestalt

A thought for those who think
themselves disinherited
and despised, or distorted:
when you are unimportant
in a scheme of things
which doesn’t even exist—
when you are but a head
bobbing in a sea of them:
someone combed your hair,
once, someone wiped your drool—
when you think yourself abnormal
and gasp at its consequence,
gasp at the child in front of you
and think, “I made her, wholly me,”
when you forget all about
metaphysics, morals, holy men
too long enrobed how
other centuries were—
when you drink cheap beer
and forget about class warfare
or your Marxist vagueries
and know each man unhappy
as he is—when you absolve
your thinking from yourself—
why, you are sublime
and a gestalt of cells
which configured especially,
cooperated intact, and humbly
humming along built you, reader—

~ by Jeremy on July 4, 2013.

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