Prose on schisms

Three-quarters of Americans believe in free will (and, lest we forget, a deity whose supernumary views coincide with each plaintive worshiper, respectively) and three-quarters of Germans believe in varying degrees of determinism.

I hear, “Locus of control! An ontology…”

I hear, “American dream!”

I hear, “Germans are lazy—except when they’re not!”

I hear, “Materialism! There is no external-internal dichotomy for the human subject or the human biology: it is all environment, for the body is no less a part of the environment than is the rest of it.”

Perhaps the Germans, after seeing their civilization brought to ruins, began to understand that, with an external locus of control and a scientifically sound determinism, be it economic or otherwise worldly, they must work together to prosper. Is not the gene an environmental actor in itself? Is not the referent of trade—the widget or the fiat—is not the down-turned eye—the habits of the lower classes by definition necessarily ignoble: antithetical to virtue the domain of which is decided by their betters?

Naturally enough, Americans, under the ideology of free will, work each one a lone dog believing himself educated and prosperous: upon debt, his wealth! And the gulf between the haves and the have nots widens into a chasm into which the lone dogs fall, happily enough, believing themselves afloat or ascending.

~ by Jeremy on July 8, 2013.

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